The fine art of calligraphy

It can be safely said that the most visually appealing form of calligraphy is in the Persian-Arabic language. There are several drawing styles that date back to 4 A.D.

But it wasn’t until Abbasid rule when calligraphy was formalized as an art form by a high-ranking public servant from Persia, whose heightened interest in calligraphy prompted the government to adapt its various forms across all official documents, including publication of the Holy Qur’an, on currency and on architecture.

The short-listed aqalaam-al-sitta were:

These widely exist till today, along with some variants from Persian and Turkish traditions.

Forward to 2015 – you don’t need to be a professional calligrapher to write and/or print calligraphic art. You can do it from the comfort of your handheld device. is one such online service that allows you  to create personalized calligraphic artwork. You won’t achieve the results of an artist, just like with everything, but you’d still be able create calligraphy you can call your own.


Wiki on Islamic calligraphy

Elisabeth Kvernen’s weblink on Islamic calligraphy


Egypt’s museum of calligraphy

Istanbul and antiquity



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