What makes them happier

Yesterday I talked about the several daily challenges an average person in the mostly under-developed world has to contend with on a daily basis. Those reasons and more compound the living hardships forcing people to look elsewhere for work and raising a family.

However, on several other counts these countries trump the the rich nations in. For one, the society is much more tightly knit due to the social the institutions of family and marriage which are more revered and prevalent there. This brings two very important blessings to a community.

The social support structure lends itself to cooperation and sacrifice. Living with big families and many friends and colleagues brings out more compassion then otherwise. It also forces one to be more accommodating and tolerant. More relationships also mean a social safety net for individuals protecting them for external negative influences and reducing the chances of them straying from their life goals.

Loneliness and depression can also be warded off by having several people around you. All of this does not mean psychological issue that not prevalent in those regions, it just tells us those levels are a fair bit lower then in Western countries.

Due to the rougher nature of life in general, people tend to be more expectant of problems. Their brains are dialed into troubleshooting and a lot of band-aid solutions. Theyère usually more street-smart and do not tend to be procrastinators. They also tend to be more appreciative of lifes blessings.

The above factors help in everything: employment, business, school, home, neighborhood, etc. They are more primed for success if they are lucky enough to struggle in the right environment (like moving abroad).


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