We have it easy

Inhabitants of the developed world enjoy a much more stable, less random lifestyle. No regular power outages, outrageous traffic jams, gang wars. No consistent terror attacks, strikes, protests and revolutions to contend with either.

An average citizen would do his usual nine to five, followed by roughly an hour long of commute, supper and then family or bachelor time depending on his/her marital status, although the two may not be mutually exclusive.

After five supposedly strenous work-days, comes Friday (the best day of the week, you have the whole weekend to look forward to!), Saturday (usually the most exciting day) and Sunday (Monday blues making an early appearance in the evening).

Compare this to a commoner in the underdeveloped world. His work hours tend to be more haphazard. His commute is usually overcrowded to the point of falling off or stuck in never-ending traffic jams (could simply be waiting for the all powerful President’s caravan to pass through), protests, bomb explosions et al. Unpaved roads, potholes the size of a buffalo, open sewers, etc. All add to the “fun”. At work employee rights are minimal, business is inconsistent not just due to market forces but due to political, social dynamics.

Home is by far the biggest struggle. Incomes not growing proportional to cost of living is much more life-impacting as in a developed world household. Accommodation, food, clothing, schooling, and especially medical expenses leave little to no room for savings. Public healthcare is often mediocre causing even the lower income groups to seek private care which is a rip-off even in the developed world.

I have seen lifelong savings wiped out in a year due to a serious or terminal illness in the family. Education is the next biggest drag on the budget with ever increasing competition the education bar pushed higher with time, degrees becoming expensive, etc.

Despite all that the resolute nature of the masses empowers them to overcome obstacles and many are move up the social ladder within a generation while some go on to achieve greatness from humble backgrounds.

The next blog will talk to the social, emotional and habitual positives that living in such challenging environments brings to an individual and why the citizenry of the under developed and developed is on average still as happy or happier then there first world counterparts.


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