Too much TED

I’ve watched a few dozen TED talks: the inspirational kind, creative, path-breaking, courageous et al. I enjoy them, they’re good entertainment and often have bits of new information and ideas that I take home with me.

But is the hype overdone? Are they billed too high? Does Generation Y really fancy neat articulation and perceived innovation a little too much? I’m afraid yes. Again, I’m not anti-TED, I love the stories, they way they’re put together, the presentation (or sometimes speech!), the visuals etc.

But it should not be a must-have app on your iPhone, a social symbol for creative aptitude and forward thinking. There are several more relatable examples of motivation, positivity, courage etc. that are also readily available across media platforms.

People enter into dangerous territory when they start considering smooth talks similar to the TED ones as their primary social or professional guide. Real people and real events around you are what leaves the greatest mark on a person, and should always be drawn from… TED and TED wana-bees can be a good supporting cast.


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